Case Studies

A Combination Periodontitis and Implant case

Here is an example of a case with gum disease (periodontitis) that was successfully treated with conventional therapy. The hopeless teeth were replaced with dental implants


Notice the colour of the gum and swelling. The upper left front tooth has started to move forward.


Non-surgical treatment has been completed and the gum tissue is now clean, firm, healthy and comfortable.


Two teeth had to be replaced with dental implants. See if you can tell which they are?

A healthy mouth and a confident esthetic smile.

Periodontal Plastic Surgery


A large recession on the upper left eyetooth/canine was treated using a gum grafting technique.


New gum tissue now covers the full extent of the previously exposed tooth root.

Periodontal Plastic Surgery


Severe recession and infection on the facial aspect of this lower front tooth.


This case was successfully treated with meticulous cleaning instructions followed by a gum graft to correct the significant defect (recession) and cover the exposed root.

Single Implant cases

Here are some of my implant cases. See if you can tell which tooth is the implant? Rollover the images to find out.

Example 1

Example 2

Example 3

Example 4

Example 5

Example 6

Example 7

Example 8

Periodontal Plastic Surgery


Lack of gum tissue on the facial aspect of these lower front teeth cause the patient sensitivity and discomfort when brushing.


A strong, firm and resistant "band" of gum tissue was transplanted from the patients palate. This has covered the exposed roots and has given the patient the confidence and comfort to clean this area adequately.

Immediate Implant Placement In Molar Tooth Sockets

Figure 1

Lower right first molar to be replaced

Figure 2

Tooth removed carefully, followed by shaping of the socket to receive an implant

Figure 3

Wide body implant placed during the same procedure

Figure 4

Integrated implant with crown after 1 year

Figure 5

Integrated implant after 4 years


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