Single Implant

Single implants delivered on the same day as tooth removal

90% of all the implants we do, are placed at the time of tooth removal.  We prefer to remove the tooth ourselves because we take great care to preserve the bone that holds the tooth.  The dental implant is inserted immediately following tooth removal and the tooth socket heals while the implant integrates (it all happens at the same time).  This means one surgical appointment and an overall reduction in total treatment time as well as cost to the patient.

Image 1 Broken front tooth - no longer fixable
Image 2 Tooth replaced with single implant
Image 3 Replacement tooth on the fit day. Notice the slight blanching of the gum above the implant crown

We are able to remove a tooth and place a dental implant at the same time.  This is called immediate implant placement.

We will also provide an intermediate tooth replacement while the dental implant integrates.

Dental implants have become a trusted method to replace missing teeth or teeth that can no longer be saved. Most dentists that refer to us, prefer that we remove the tooth that needs replacement. This controls the preservation of bone that is needed for a successful implant. It also reduces the amount of surgical procedures required to replace the tooth and lessens the degree of discomfort. We log all the implant cases we have ever done and our logs stretch over a 21 year period. We also audit patient’s experiences on a yearly basis and on average only 4.9% of patients report discomfort within the first 24 hours after surgery and only 0.95% report discomfort within the first 2 weeks after surgery.

To learn more about dental implants, don’t read from any website.  Please go to and get the right information from a professional organisation.

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Dear Mr Hattingh & Suzanne I want to thank you very much for my lovely teeth, and for your care and patience during my treatment. I am so pleased with the result, and feel really confident again when I smile. Thank you again and my best wishes to you both. Sincerely

Thelma Olymbiou