All upper teeth replacement

10 - 12 teeth can be supported by 4 - 6 dental implants

It isn’t necessary to have an implant for each missing tooth when it comes to replacing teeth in a whole jaw.

Tooth removal and implant placement takes place on the same day and a temporary bridge is fitted, which is worn for 4 months.

This is to allow for integration of the implants and remodelling of the gum tissues.

After 4 months, the final bridge is fitted.

This patient has lost numerous teeth in the upper jaw and replacement options are limited due to a lack of bone in the back parts of the upper jaw
4 dental implants are used to support a fixed bridge of 10 teeth
All upper teeth replaced with a fixed ceramic bridge supported by 4 dental implants.

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Dear Mr Hattingh, Thank you so much for seeing and treating Heather successfully. I just wanted to say that I don’t think I have had a patient assessed and treated so thoroughly and I am truly amazed by your results. You truly are the most impressive periodontologist I have ever encountered, so thank you again. Best wishes

Mrs Margaret Kelleher BDS Lon 1983