5th March

Dear Mr Hattingh,

Thank you so much for seeing and treating Heather successfully.

I just wanted to say that I don’t think I have had a patient assessed and treated so thoroughly and I am truly amazed by your results.

You truly are the most impressive periodontologist I have ever encountered, so thank you again.

Best wishes

Mrs. Margaret Kelleher BDS Lon 1983

Dr. Hattingh & assistant

Thank you so much for all the work and help you have done to ‘save’ my teeth…

I am pleased with the results…hope I can keep it up.

With good wishes

Jacky Rider

24th December 2013

Dear Andre’ & Suzanne

‘Abscess makes the heart grow fonder’

I am writing to thank your practice for the fantastic dental treatment I have received over the past year.

My implant was fitted a few months ago, just over a year from when I came into the surgery initially with a very painful abscess, and I am delighted with the result. It’s so good to be eating and smiling properly again!

Firstly, special thanks to Andre’ Hattingh whose skills and expertise with regards to my implant were second to none and also to Susanne whose reassurance and aftercare service were excellent.

Secondly, I would like to offer huge thanks to David Bevan and Trish for the excellent care and treatment regarding both the fitting and completion of my implant and also for the root canal work carried out earlier in the year.

Thirdly, I would like to thank Mr. Campbell for coming to my rescue with an emergency appointment last Christmas Eve when he temporarily relieved my highly sensitive tooth pain so that I could enjoy my Christmas. This was permanently alleviated by the root canal work just mentioned.

Lastly and by no means least, I would like to thank all reception staff I have come into contact with this year who have, without exception, been very professional, helpful and cheerful.

As you have probably gathered, I have had quite a year of it dental wise and as much as my heart has grown fonder of you all at Eustace and Partners, I truly hope that I don’t see quite as much of you next year!

Seasons Greetings!

Linda Walker

14th December 2015

Dear Dr. Hattingh,

When I first visited you on the 11th November this year, I was feeling very unsure about the prospect of undergoing a procedure for a dental implant (my first). Having heard stories from other people about their varying levels of satisfaction with other practitioners.

You may recall that I first searched the Internet for references about your work (without mush success) so later asked if you could direct me towards any recent examples. I remember you showed me one or two supportive past correspondence which I was glad to read, and then you mentioned that Stuart Oakenfull (my well respected dentist for about 45 years) was one of your patients. Following a subsequent conversation with Stuart, I felt greatly reassured.

I just thought you might welcome a recent testimonial about your work, just in case you come across another patient like me who asks you for one!

I had the implant placed on the 3rd December, and to date it appears to be a 100% success. There has been no pain or discomfort whatsoever, and I have been able to eat normally more or less straight away. The surgery itself was carried out smoothly professionally by you with the assistance of your colleagues, for which I am grateful. To see an image of the implant neatly in place immediately afterwards was a nice touch. I await the restorative and maintenance phases with much more confidence.

I would like to wish you and your staff all the best for Christmas and 2016.

Yours sincerely

P. A. Barnett