Breakfast Symposium A Great Success

18 people attended the breakfast symposium, which was held at the Vine Restaurant, 11 Pound Lane, Sevenoaks, on Saturday the 28th June.

André spoke for around an hour on Factors That Affect The Longevity of Dental Implants - A Clinical Perspective.

Afterwards a lovely breakfast was served and we had a very informal question and answer session, which everyone seemed to enjoy.

We had dental professionals from all over the South East corner of England.

The subject matter certainly seemed to resonate with the dental professionals who attended.

All delegates who attended, received a certificate and one hour's verifiable CPD.

The outcomes of the course were:

1.To discuss the potential selection criteria that influences the long term success of dental implants.

2.To illustrate at the hand of a clinical example the importance of a sequenced surgical technique.

3.To discuss clinical factors that have an impact on the quality of implant surgery and the long term success of an implant restoration.

4.To review the topic of insertion resistance (primary stability) and to explain how our current way of thinking should change regarding this topic.

We will be holding another meeting later in the year (probably November) and this time we are thinking of making it a little later, maybe a lunch time rather than breakfast, as some people continued from previous page

expressed a preference for a later start, but we would be grateful for any feedback on times for the next event.

Equally we may look for a different location. The Vine Restaurant is an exceptional restaurant and the room we had was perfect for the number of delegates that attended, but if more people would like to attend, we may need a bigger venue.

I would personally like to thank all the people who made an effort to attend the event on a Saturday morning. I know that your spare time is precious and taking the time to attend an event like this is greatly appreciated.