We provide a high standard of quality periodontal care by making use of the most advanced equipment available in modern dentistry.

Periodontal Endoscope

• We use a computer animated programme dedicated to periodontology and implantology which allows improved communication with patients and replaces hundreds of chair-side models. The computer-assisted animations enable us to explain important issues regarding periodontitis and dental implants to patients in detail. We highly value clear communication, as understanding is an essential part of patient education and compliance. For detailed information please visit www.consult-pro.com

• Our sterilisation facilities are of premier standards. Rather than using manual cleaning methods, all our instrumentation is washed in a Hospital Standard Instrument Washer. This gives patients the confidence that instruments have been thoroughly cleaned. Final sterilisation is performed in a vacuum autoclave, which is in compliance with the latest recommendations for high quality standards of sterilisation. Our vacuum autoclave combines first-class sterilisation with a formal printout of the sterilisation cycles as proof that instruments are entirely sterile. For detailed information please visit www.eschmann.co.uk and www.wh.com

• Rather than using manual periodontal probing we use a more comfortable and accurate computerised pressure-sensitive probe. This gives more precise initial measurements and excellent reproducibility. Probing is performed at a constant pressure, which makes periodontal examinations more comfortable for patients. It also allows a comprehensive and neat charting method, which enables us to share periodontal data with patients and referring dentists alike. For more information please visit www.floridaprobe.com

• We use digital dental radiography rather than conventional methods. This significantly reduces the amount of radiation to patients and allows us to share images with patients and dental colleagues. Again this improves communication and avoids unnecessary duplication or retaking of radiographs. For more information please visit www.dentaldynamix.co.uk

• We use intra-oral digital photography to explain and show patients important issues relating to their specific problems. It can also be used to show improvements in certain conditions. Colour pictures can be printed off immediately and given to patients. For more information please visit www.dentaldynamix.co.uk

Our surgery is air conditioned to allow for climate control throughout the year. This improves patient comfort and enables us to provide a comfortable environment regardless of the season.


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