Breakfast Symposium A Great Success

18 people attended the breakfast symposium, which was held at the Vine Restaurant, 11 Pound Lane, Sevenoaks, on Saturday the 28th June. André spoke for around an hour on Factors That Affect The Longevity of Dental Implants – A Clinical Perspective. Afterwards a lovely breakfast was served and we had a very informal question and

New 3D Cone Beam Technology

We’ve known for some time the benefits you can achieve by having a 3D scanner, particularly for dental implants. So after an exhaustive search and looking at a number of machines, we’ve finally decided on the Cranex 3D scanner from Soredex. We have been thinking about cone beam imaging for some time, because of the

My First Blog

Hello everyone and welcome to my first blog. The website has recently been ported into what is called a “content management system” from the old HTML version and this now enables us to create what we hope will be a regular blog. This is the area were we hope to keep you informed of what